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The Rising Sun

Happy Saturday, All!

As per usual, my posts are extremely few and far between. I’d like to say, “I’ve had an awakening and this will be the start of me posting regularly!”, but if I say that, there is a good chance that it will be false information.

As I’ve mentioned before, my brain is so full of things I want to try and things I want to focus on. I am a Gemini through and through. Curious. Inconsistent. Indecisive. Restless. And the more time that passes, I learn more and more about myself – leaving to me wanting to learn more about ALL OF THE THINGS!

I like to refer to this as The Rising Sun.

Yes. The Sun rises everyday, but everyday it rises we see something new. With the  pouring of light into our little world, we see things we’ve never seen before. And that it what my life is like.

We live in a world that has technology at our fingertips (insert the Microsoft commercial where Common gives the most amazing speech about technology – you might think its lame but it totally gets me in the feels). Although technology is really wreaking havoc on our younger generations (yesterday my nephew didn’t understand why you couldn’t change the song on the radio like you can on a smartphone or iPod – but I will add he accepted the truth with arms wide open, RISING SUN MOMENT!), for me its a place to learn a skill, whether it be how to create a digital logo in Adobe Illustrator or how to properly hand dye the cycles of the moon on a panel of cotton.

There is so much knowledge out there and so many ready and available places to access it! Scary – I know! But so amazing at the same time! The internet gives each and every person the resources to learn and create beautiful things. Within the last year, I’ve started created digital art and selling it on a website that I created. I’ve created jewelry, I’ve started a journey into photography and I’ve even made face masks that I hope to be selling on my site in the near future! All of which, I would have never had the inspiration for without technology today, my own personal Rising Sun!

I can’t give technology all the credit for being my Rising Sun, though. That’s just one piece of the inspirational puzzle!

Throughout your life, you go through phases. Different types of Rising Suns. Of course, the traditional and very commons, like learning to walk, talk, write, etc. Those are the easy ones. Those you do without thinking, really. It’s as you grow older the more important Rising Suns come along, when you’re old enough to start making your own decisions and have your own interests!

It’s at this point where you choose to either see the Rising Sun, or to ignore it with your eyes closed, probably all the while complaining about boredom, waiting for something interesting to smack you in the face. And it’ll need to smack you real frigging hard too, since at this point you’re probably half melted into the couch you’ve been attached to.

Ignorance, you dirty bastard.

Inspirations and Rising Suns are everywhere. Literally everywhere. Every day. In the literal sense the the Sun rises every freaking day. That in itself is a GD miracle. Don’t take it for granted!

We are all beautiful people with beautiful things to contribute to our world! Look for that Rising Sun! Don’t keep your eyes closed!

Find your Rising Sun in the beauty of spring and use the inspiration to write a poem or take photos.

Find your Rising Sun when looking through Pinterest and spark your creativity for woodworking, or a new recipe!

Find your Rising Sun when rearranging your home to spark some energy!

Whatever you do… DON’T MISS YOUR RISING SUN! Find creativity in anything and everything!

Remember, finding your Rising Sun is about exploring your inner self and taking every opportunity to express yourself and learn new things.

Forget what its like to be bored!


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