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The Power of Us

It’s so strange to think how much power one person can have. Not just in the political sense that we have government and a Prime Minister, or President; but in the sense that one persons emotions, words, body language and so many other things can hold power over another.

We’ve all been there. That wee classmate you walked right up to and asked to marry you, but ,to your disappointment, ran the other way and yelled “Ew, cooties”! That was the first time you ever felt heartbreak, even though you were only in second grade.  The memory of your shattered hopes (harsh, I know) will follow you through your next love causing you to be cautious. That power. That damn power they held over us, without even realizing it, was fear.

Fear. It sucks. Most people fear things everyday. It would be nice to think that we could live without fear, but realistically, we don’t. We fear going after that next love because, well, the last one shut us down. We fear while we’re driving – that driver who weaves in and out of the fast-moving traffic. Oh you know, the one who comes about an inch away from the back bumper of your car, scaring the living daylights out of you and usually making your life flash before your eyes! We fear that one professor, who looks at you like a coffee stain on a new, crisp, white shirt; the one that will fail you in the only class standing between you and that scholarship for next year. Sometimes, we fear ourselves. We can can be our own worst enemy. We scare ourselves into thinking we are not good enough, not smart enough, not ambitious enough. Imagine that! We are the ones that hold power over our own selves?

The worst kind of power is hate. I won’t go into too much detail about hate because, well, it’s just a nasty thing to talk about and I think the word hate just crawls up your spine and makes its way into your head with all that useless negative stuff we don’t need to think about.

Not all power is bad, though. Often, we take the power another tries to use over us and turn into strength. Say, for instance, someone has told us that we aren’t well equipped enough to achieve the things we want (e.g. running a marathon, starting up a business, passing that exam), we make the conscious decision to say “The hell I can’t!” and we press on full force just to prove them wrong! That right there is the strength and the power NOT to let anyone else to hold power over us.

My favourite power of all is love. Love, love, love, love! Have you ever felt it? It feels like flying, like anything is possible. When you feel the love of someone, or something, it comes over you like a wave. The wave starts small, a tickle as it rolls over your toes. Then, as a little time passes, you see the growth as that tickle becomes more evident. Eventually the wave gets bigger and bigger; you have fallen completely in love and the wave comes crashing over you with its beautiful colours and warmth. Your heart feels full and powerful. THAT is the best power of all.

There are many opportunities for one to take power over another – some are good and some are bad. What is important is that we never take advantage of a situation and make others feel less than they are. Never be the person who tells someone they can’t, never be that crazy driver who makes other people fear for their lives. What you can do is give someone the power to feel strong and to feel loved. That’s all anybody ever wants, isn’t it? To be loved and feel secure.

Take a few minutes out of your day and think about a time when you had power over someone – the negative kind. Think really hard about WHY you held that power over them and write it down. Then, think about a time when someone had power over you in a negative way and write down how it made you feel. Use this as a reminder that when you are being all high and mighty on your power trip, that you once felt that way, too.

Here’s a challenge for you:

Once a day give someone a compliment. One compliment can give someone the power to go after their dreams and their goals, and it can just simply give them the power of feeling good!

Once a day! It’s easy! Tell someone they’ve done a good job! Tell someone they look nice! Give any compliment you want! Make it a good one! You can do it!

Stay Lovely My Friends ❤

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