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The Morning Is My Sanctuary

The morning is my sanctuary.

It’s when I feel the most peaceful. When the birds chirp and sun is young in the sky.

Right now I sit in my living room sipping my french vanilla flavoured coffee, last nights bun slightly still intact and hanging on the right side of my head where it somehow always finds itself. These mornings, which haven’t come around very much lately (likely due to the energetic pup we’ve just adopted), these mornings, are the key to softening my soul.

The morning is when I feel the most energy from nature. I feel that anything is possible. I close my eyes and see myself in a million different places. Places that make my excitement run wild! A mountain top, a river crowded with greenery along every edge, and so many more. On these mornings I feel careless and young. Imagination takes over and I am consumed by my thoughts.

I turn on music to help me further dive into my thoughts. The melody always seems to match my heart beat. It starts like a seed in the middle of my chest and grows. As the birds and melody chirp on I feel the seed expand and send its roots through my entire body until it reaches my fingertips and toes – my mood is at its peak.

These mornings, for me, are what can cure all. It cures me of my sadness. It cures me of my anxiety. It cures me of my frustrations. It is the one thing I always know will make me happy. It will spark my creativity. It will fill me with love. It will fill me with curiosity.

The morning is my sanctuary.

What is yours?

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