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There are a million and one reasons to have New Years resolutions… and a million and one reasons to break them.

Why is it that everyone believes New Years is the perfect time to have resolutions? I set goals for myself all the time. I don’t think resolutions should be associated with only one time a year. Lets set goals for ourselves every day! Every week! With every pique of interest we should set a goal for ourselves to educate and practice new things.

Yes, it can be so much easier said than done. I am extremely guilty of having goals and procrastinating…. and procrastinating…. and procrastinating. But why!? Why must we torture ourselves being inspired and without follow through? There is nothing worse than procrastination when it comes to our creativity and inspiration. It is the killer of all that could be.

If we do not follow through with our resolutions and goals how will we ever know our potential, how will we ever know what could be down the road for us? It just doesn’t make sense. I’m going to throw out the big guns here and the cliche stories of success.

What if Michael Jordan never picked up a basketball.

What if Tiger Woods never picked up a set of golf clubs.

What if Michael Jackson never picked up a microphone.

You catch my drift here.


The future IS YOU!

Lets do ourselves a favour and focus on our goals starting now! If you’ve set New Years resolutions, follow through with them — but don’t stop there. Continue to set goals for yourself. Write them down where you can see them. Put them on a calendar and COMMIT! Give yourself a deadline and accomplish your goals by that date!

I guess in a way this is my New years resolution. Anyone who is reading this is more than welcome to share their goals in the comments section!

Good Luck Everyone!

Stay Lovely My Friends!

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