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Does it have something to do with my being a Gemini? Possibly. When researching Gemini traits I came along this little blurb which couldn’t be more true:

“Gemini-born are constantly in two minds whenever they are supposed to decide on something. At times, they lose out on very lucrative opportunities in their life due to their inability to decide.”

It’s unfortunate knowing that I have likely passed up good opportunities being of my indecisiveness. I’ve always known myself to be indecisive, I feel like its in my blood!

I’m always afraid to disappoint other people so I never like making those decisions on where to eat or where to go out that night, etc, etc. I’m afraid to disappoint myself because I know if I chose one option and its a flop of a decision I’ll be kicking myself for not choosing the other. I’m indecisive about what I want to wear, about what to eat for dinner, about literally every single thing in my life.

I don’t think my indecisiveness inhibits me from living my life, but I do feel like I really need to have more confidence in making choices. I don’t want to miss out on opportunities in my life just because I’m afraid of making a choice.

So today, I’m going to make a plan! Each day I will make a DEFINITE CHOICE! No humming and hawing included!

My indecisiveness, I think, is one of my flaws. But something I can take control over and be more assertive.

What is a trait of yours that you would like to take control over?

Stay Lovely My Friends ❤

noting can bring you peace but youself

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