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If You’ve Ever Had A Lonely Moment…

Lonely moments. Do you ever have those days where the house just feels cold and there’s no one home. You long for someone to walk in the door, or call. Even after you phone everyone in your phone list, you can’t manage to find someone who picks up the phone or has a few minutes to just chat. Or, maybe you do find someone to chat with, but at the end of the conversation you still feel the longing for something more.

Why do we feel such loneliness?! Why can’t we stand the thought of being alone with our minds? Well, it’s probably just that. We are alone with our own minds. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like my mind is a deep, dark, wild, untamed, dangerous, exciting forest. In this deep forest lie so many thoughts about so many things that who knows what could end up crossing my mind. So, sometimes its easier to sink into the loneliness and avoid what our minds have to say. Should we? Probably not, although, it might keep some of us sane.

Say, for instance, we were to sink into that loneliness. We sink so far in that we start to contemplate the aspects of our lives. Our job, our house, our friendships and relationships. What would happen? One of two things.


You start to analyze things. You start to realize that your job no longer makes you happy. Your coworkers are nothing but nitwits and you find it hard to even tolerate most of them on a daily basis. The hard work you do EVERYDAY is not appreciated by your superiors. You are never thanked for the things that you do by your company and you really have started to lose all hope that you will get that raise you’ve been promised for over a year. You’re house is really looking like a hunk of junk and you are dreading all the money you have to spend on fixing the things that you didn’t properly store before last winters death grip.

Your friends, or so you thought, have conveniently “forgotten” to invite you to the weekend fun festivities and you, thanks to our ever increasingly technological world, are forced to watch all of the best moments through social media. Fucking Snapchat. Not only are you forced to watch your friends have fun without you (no, no, that’s not even the worst part), but this starts to turn your thinking sideways and you second guess that loving relationship you have. “My friends obviously don’t want to hang around me so why would my man/woman be so excited about hanging out with me?” You’ll somehow achieve the twisted train of thought that your significant other is being unfaithful or getting ready to break up with your sorry ass to be with someone who doesn’t sit there and let their loneliness turn into a depression stemming into all aspects of your lives.

Now, option one seems pretty harsh, though all of these things may be true. I pose a question. What are you going to do about it? What are you going to do about all these things that have just run through your head? Fix them – that’s what you’re going to do. If you have the time to sit there and think “Poor me” then you sure as hell have the time to make a plan and fix all of these negatives!!


You start analyzing things. You think about your job – you couldn’t be happier. You really feel like you’re doing the right thing with your life and work for an amazing company where you have opportunities for advancement. You’ve got a quaint little home on the outskirts of town with amazing neighbours. Everything is perfect from the flowers right down to the classic design on the bedroom doors. You realize you have 4 best friends – and they are all the friends you will ever need. They are there for you 110% of the time and you would rather have 4 best friends than a million shitty friends who only wish you a happy birthday on Facebook. Those Facebook whores.

Best of all, as you sit there in what started off as loneliness and realize, you truly have a partner in life. You know the love you share is unconditional and that you are going to spend the most beautiful loving life together.

Option two shows a lot of positivity, doesn’t it? Option two is DEFINITELY not where ALL of our minds lay. There are plenty of us that sit in the drudgery of option one. But the point is for us not to let ourselves dwell in the negative.

If you’re unhappy with anything in your life, anything at all, you have the power to change it. It may come with trial and tribulation but you can do it! Put in the hard work and get to where you want to be in life! Whether it’s a new house, a new car, a new job, or whether it’s just to turn your outlook around! You CAN turn a negative into a positive!

Take a few minutes right now to think about any of the things that you could improve in your life. Have high hopes for your future! Never settle! Always go after what you want!

Stay Lovely my friends ❤

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