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How to Support Local - Thrive Live Blood Microscopy Edition!

We all know that its important to take care of our health, especially in times like these!

Here is what Carly had to say about business since social distancing:

Tell us about your business and why you decided to open.

First of all, thank you so much to Rylee at Winslow for reaching out to support community business in our time of need.

Thrive Live Blood Microscopy is a nutritional consultation business, offering live blood microscopy (of course) as well as Ion Cleanse (foot detox bath) treatments and a selection of supportive wellness products and supplements. Live blood microscopy is a holistic nutritional assessment and consultation tool, which can reveal key information about the state of your health. During your appointment, a drop of blood from the tip of your finger is placed on a slide and viewed under a dark field microscope at 1000x magnification. You get to see the image in real time on a TV screen, as well as receive a personalized wellness plan to help you see and feel results.

As someone who had previously felt unwell for years, but didn’t know why, I gave live blood microscopy a shot. What I found was the information revealed and advice given played a big part in setting me on the path to better health. After years in another area of healthcare that just wasn’t doing it for me, I knew I needed a change. I decided to listen to the entrepreneurial spirit bubbling up inside of me and follow my passion for natural health. I upgraded my education and took the leap into starting my own wellness business.

What business was like before COVID-19?

I’m happy to say that my business was thriving. I had just moved to my new home studio in January, introduced the Ion Cleanse treatment, and started stocking my own products. My clientele loved the new space and I really felt centered at home. This in turn helped me to give more to my customers. My husband and I also found out that we were expecting, and all signs pointed to finishing strong before taking a break for maternity leave. Everything was just going really, really well.

What has business been like since the outbreak of COVID-19?

One on one visits have had to stop, which is my main source of revenue and the driving force for health product and supplement sales. As it’s uncertain right now whether or not I’ll be able to return to business as usual before I have my baby in September. A fear of mine is that I may get stuck with a lot of product.

I’ve adapted with Virtual Consultations using the Nutribody Assessment tool, which involves an in-depth intake form and questionnaire to uncover imbalances in the body. Using these tools, I’m able to give my clients a similar value to live blood, from a distance.

How will this impact your business long term?

Despite the fact these are trying times for us all, I do believe there is also opportunity. This break has given me the freedom to upgrade my education and my skill set so I will be able to bring even more value to my clients on my return.

This new situation has also allowed me the opportunity to really connect with my community on social media and has given me a renewed drive to add value where I can during this uncertain time. It’s also led to opportunities for collaboration that may not have otherwise come about. I have the space to go back to the basics and reinforce the foundations of my business. I believe this can only set up Thrive to come back stronger than it was before.

How can people help?

In a time where it has never been more important to take care of your body, consider supporting this little gal the next time you need a refill on your supplements. I stock probiotics, enzymes, alkalizing products, homeopathics, herbals, castor oil packs and Healthy Organo coffee. These products cover a range of challenges from candida, hormones, gut issues, detox, stress, and more. A full list of what I offer can be found on the Thrive website.

Also, stay connected! Follow @thriveliveblood on Facebook and Instagram and go to the Thrive website and sign up for 5 to Thrive monthly wellness tips & motivation.

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