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How to Support Local - SuperNatural Life Edition

If you are interested in Holistic Wellness, Sarah Jane from SuperNatural Life is someone you're going to want to touch base with! Her certifications speak for themselves and the events she has been asked to be a key part of are a tell all of how well Sarah Jane is respected in the Holistic community.

Have a read on how she has adjusted and her business SuperNatural Life is thriving despite the hard times!

Tell us about your business and why you decided to open.

I decided to open SuperNatural Life out of a need to organize my passions! After completing my Metaphysical Adept apprenticeship, followed by levels 1 & 2 of Reiki with Brandi Rivait, certification in AromaTouch, and moving on to my degree as Crystal Reiki Master - I wanted a to coordinate my services to better help those in need. For awhile I had been offering classes in the benefits of using essential oils for wellness. Which allowed me such an amazing opportunity to connect with people around the benefits of natural methods of working through emotional peaks & valleys. Our community as a whole is so much more open to options & opportunities to be together learning for wellbeing these days - and in turn has connected me with so many others just like me. 

I have partnered with Kim Palazzi from Unconscious Reality Designs to organize community events such as the Collective Consciousness Expo as well as hosted three seasons of the SuperNatural Life Podcast interviewing women of Windsor Essex’s most innovative service providers. 

For the past 2 years I have been providing focused monthly workshops on New Moon Intention setting, as well as using Crystals - whether it be for grid making, combinations or just learning the basics - it allows me an opportunity to combine all of my passions & more importantly my wanting to help others! 

What business was like before COVID-19? Before the onset of COVID-19, I had weekly availability for private Crystal Reiki & AromaTouch sessions - along with Crystal Consults in my home office. While I also offered online crystal sales and monthly community workshops. 

What has business been like since the outbreak of COVID-19? Since the progression of Covid-19 I have had the opportunity to transition my workshops to an online format which has been such a blessing! It has brought folks in who before may have been apprehensive in attending - now because they are within the comforts of their own home are able to join freely.

I have been honoured with being asked to present topics for Virtual Soul School - organized by Emilee Fernandes of JEM Aesthetics & Academy as they also see the space made for online gatherings to share knowledge.

I’ve moved to offering distance healing treatments & consults - which again has opened new facets and participants to connect with me. 

How will this impact your business long term? The impacts of this transition will be long lasting because the skills I’ve learned and connections that have been fostered have been so beneficial. I think before I had the time to think about how to offer these services or expand - but now I had the chance to just MAKE IT HAPPEN. Because the need to stay thriving and connected with my community was imperative.

How can people help? The most beneficial aspect of working to serve & help others is when they’ve enjoyed your time together, appreciated your offerings, or learned from their time with you...and then in turn is they go out and sincerely share! Either by word of mouth, following on social media (Instagram and Facebook), commenting or sharing with friends and family. 

In a time of required distancing there is no need to shy away from CONNECTING in meaningful ways.

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