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How to Support Local - Sketch Art Workshop Edition

Our feature today almost needs no introduction. Sketch Art Workshop is an amazing space where you can go and unleash your creative mind, and its run by a pretty bad ass woman!! For Danielle Chevalier (Mingay), this isn't her first rodeo running a successful business or showing her creative side.

For those of us who have enjoyed the amenities of Urban Surf and gotten to know the Urban Surf family, you'll recall that there has always been a certain level of artsy surrounding anything Danielle touches! It's no surprise she has taken another step into an amazing business opportunity that brings others so much joy!

We had the opportunity to chat about Sketch Art Workshop and how things are changing:

Tell us about your business and why you decided to open.

Sketch Art workshop is all about giving people a safe space to let go and feel creative. To tap into a side of them that gives them peace and relaxation. I opened Sketch because I knew how important art was to me, how it's a form of meditation and fuels my soul and allows me to release feelings and renew my energy. So I wanted to give this to others, allow them to come into my shop and embrace their skills and create new ones. 

What business was like before COVID-19?

Business was going amazing before COVID-19, I had just opened in October and the community took to it so fast, they loved the concept and once someone came in they would return multiple times. It was something to do with a date or with your mom or friend. 

What has business been like since the outbreak of COVID-19?

Well of course we closed because of COVID-19 and everything came to a halt. The shop sat empty but supplies continued to ship in. I was about to launch a whole pottery aspect to the workshop. So we decided to do Pottery-kit deliveries. Right to people's porches with no contact, but giving them that same escape into their art in their own home.  It's a beautiful thing right now, people are so grateful for that package to show up at their door. They escape into a little art session letting their mind wander and forget all this craziness for a few hours.

How will this impact your business long term?

Long term I believe we will now be known as a pottery shop too, we plan to move Sketch to Urban Surf and run both there as one collaborative space. Something we see alot of when we travel to Cali. We are super stoked for the future of Sketch and I know it will continue to grow because it is such a healing and empowering tool on our everyday lives. Paint friends..stop and draw, doodle, paint a little everyday!!!

You can show your support for Sketch by joining them on Facebook and Instagram or by checking out all the amazing artsy offerings on their website!

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