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How to Support Local - F8 Photography Edition

Lindsey at F8 Photography was probably one of the first photographers that I knew personally. I can tell you from my own personal account (okay I'm definitely biased here) she is absolutely wonderful! There is something about the way she captures true emotion in her photographs that makes you feel like you were right there in the moment!

Lindsey was great in giving us her story when it comes to working with the new guidelines for COVID-19:

Tell us about your business and why you decided to open.

Photography has always been my passion since I was a little girl. I would get my hands on any camera I could find. My dream was to be a Band Photographer since music is my muse! I took many courses to help expand my skills but I am mostly self taught from many years of experience.  I started a business because I love creating emotion through my photos and capturing someone’s true self. My goal is not just about creating a beautiful photo, it’s about making the people in the photo feel beautiful. It also brings me so much joy knowing I am part of so many special events in other people’s lives. That I have the opportunity to give them memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives is such a blessing.

What business was like before COVID-19?

Business was going great before the pandemic. Being a mother to a toddler, working full time while being pregnant also, I worked super hard in promoting my business and offering many shoots throughout the seasons. It breaks my heart knowing that all of my clients could have to cancel or postpone their special events. But I’ll be there for them when it’s time to resume, if they will still have me of course :). 

What has business been like since the outbreak of COVID-19?

Business has completely stopped during the COVID-19 outbreak (Because we have to) and I totally understand why. However, my contact with my clients and brides is not and never will be affected. I’m always here to chat (and vent). Business life has gone from busy busy busy to very slow paced. 

How will this impact your business long term?

I will lose some weddings or shoots due to rescheduling conflicts due to this situation. Since a lot of summer brides and grooms can only rebook for certain dates later this year, most of the dates are already taken :(. But as long as my clients are at ease and happy, that’s all that matters. The last thing I want is for this terrible time to effect the best day of their lives and cause any kind of stress or unhappiness.

How can people help?

I think the best thing a bride and groom could try to do is rebook their wedding on a Friday or Sunday (if another Saturday is not available) to assure available to keep the same vendors that they originally had. But again, it’s up to them! Whatever makes them the most happy and at ease. All of this is so out of everyone’s control. We all have to work together to make it work. 

If you would like to support F8 Photography by booking a future session, you can contact Lindsey to let her know what type of session you are looking to book and once the coast is clear (of COVID-19) she will reach out to let you know when the session can happen!

In the meantime, you can follow on F8 Photography on socials (Facebook / Instagram) and check out their website here!

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