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How to Support Local - Doors to Healing Edition

Life is a crazy place and most of us (if not all) have experienced some type of stress or trauma. Stress and trauma can be different for everyone, but how these things effect our mental health is always something we should take seriously.

Amie of Doors to Healing is someone we all want to know right now, considering there are a lot of additional stressors in the world right now. Doors to Healing offers multiple gentle treatment options for those who are seeking a more fulfilled life - something I believe we could all stand for right now!

Without further ado, here is what Amie told us about Doors to Healing:

Tell us about your business and why you decided to open. Doors To Healing offers Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR), Life Stress Reduction and all modalities of Applied Metapsychology, including TIR for children and Life Coaching.   I love serving our community out of The Stone Lake House, a private retreat space along Lake Erie - where health and wellness meet. Online sessions are also available using a confidential online platform.   I began working in TIR as an opportunity to assist my friends and family. I worked with my friends and family, who sent their friends and family and they sent their friends and family and the next thing you know my passion became a business which organically grew itself. It is my purpose to work in trauma and stress. I have always been interested in the betterment and empowerment of others.  

What business was like before COVID-19?

Prior to COVID-19 I was providing 10-12 sessions a week, working at full capacity with a waiting list most weeks. Clients were happily enjoying in person sessions and enjoying the lake in Spring. Hugs were in full bloom and we had lots of things on the agenda for upcoming events and workshops. What has business been like since the outbreak of COVID-19?

I’ve been missing the hugs that often come along with in person sessions! Thankfully, I had been working with clients all over the world online long before COVID-19 using a confidential online platform, so I knew what to do and how to proceed without any troubles. It may seem strange to those who have never done online “therapy”, however online sessions come with the same successes as in person! Sometimes people enjoy them more from the comfort of their own home.  

It took just a little time to reorganize my schedule and contact everyone pre-booked.  Some of my local clients have moved to online sessions, and are enjoying doing their work without interruption. Others, have postponed their sessions due to having family home, limiting their privacy or lack of finances with all the uncertainty during this time.  Some clients recognize they want more sessions, with their stress levels being affected. I had a client do her session in her car last week at the park as she knew that her mental health was counting on it.   Not everyone is willing or able to work online so it has been quieter than usual. I’ve been keeping busy with some complimentary online events to share love and support in that way while we all transition and fall into routine.   How will this impact your business long term? I’m trusting that as people spend time with themselves they will increase awareness of their own mental health. I would love for the whole world to experience a more fulfilling life. We all can benefit from looking within. I trust that my schedule will fill up again and many will be ready to release the unwanted feelings, emotions, sensations, attitudes and pains from past or current traumas and stresses in life. We all have them. This pandemic is traumatic, and many people are triggered by the uncertainty it brings, among other things. I am choosing to look at this down time as my time to rest and restore before my work gets busy as we shift as a collective.  How can people help? Take time for you and your own mental health, you will know when the time is right for you.  We all have our journey to follow. I offer complimentary consults to show you what our work together would be like and give you the opportunity to see if it resonates with you. You are the only one who can do your inner work, YOU are the expert in you! I would love work with you as you begin to uncover more about the one and only you.  

Consults are being held online at this time, or in person after we are back in the office. If you are struggling in any way, or know someone struggling during this time - please reach out. There are some strategies along with meditation and grounding recordings on my website that you may find comfort in. If you would like to be included in any of the upcoming events online, please reach out to be added. We would love to see you there! You can find Doors to Healing on Facebook or Instagram for encouragement and upcoming events in mindfulness and meditation, body image workshops and lots of creations designed to empower you!

You can also visit Doors to Healing online here.


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