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How to Support Local - Branded by KP Edition

Kierstyn of Branded by KP is clearly one of the most talented, not to mention kind hearted Digital Strategists around. She creates beautiful eye-catching web and brand designs that stand true to each of her clients values, not to mention she gives amazing FREE advice on her blog!

Kierstyn told us about her business journey and what this pandemic has done to boost business!

Tell us about your business and why you decided to open.

Back in 2018, I started a business called Kilaur & Company that focused on social media management after graduating from the University of Windsor with a Business Administration degree and a concentration in Marketing. The name I chose came from a mix of my first and middle name and is technically still the legal name of my business. As things grew, my business changed a bit, I re-branded and I now offer website design and brand design services as well as overall strategy consultations. When I first opened my business, I did so to support other local small businesses. I know how hard it is to start something and feel like your whole life is riding on it so I thought... "hey, what if I could make starting it easier for them?" The best way to start is with a brand kit, website and strong social media strategy.

What is one thing you want your customers/clients to know about your business?

I want customers and clients to know that I take a very authentic and intentional approach to my work and will always, always treat their projects like they are my own. I have worked with over 20 businesses over the last 3 years and each of those clients gets 110% delivered every single time.

What business was like before COVID-19 and how has it impacted your business?

Before COVID-19, business was good! I started introducing some new services, was taking a bit of a slow approach to it and I was searching for new clients that fit my target audience – small business owners led by female-presenting individuals who were looking for a little bit of help getting their feet off the ground. Once COVID-19 started taking effect, my business actually doubled and I was getting calls left and right. With storefronts closing down and the internet being the only place where their businesses could thrive, Windsor-Essex business owners were looking for websites and social media strategy. Some of my clients were even looking for branding because while being laid off from their day job, they felt it was a good opportunity to dive into their dream of a side-hustle. It was interesting because while other businesses were closing down, it felt like I could barely keep myself afloat. That right there is the power of marketing and unfortunately these businesses realized it a tad too late and then they had to scramble. The first place you should always invest is in your marketing because it builds the foundation for the rest of your business.

What have you learned from this global pandemic?

From the Global pandemic, I learned that how brands respond to a global crisis like this says a lot about their values and morals. If they play off like business as usual, it comes off cold and insensitive and is a sure fire way to lose business. I can guarantee you I dropped a few businesses that just were not handling things the way they should have during a situation like this. From my standpoint, I had to find a way to serve my customers while still taking into consideration that we were in the middle of a global crisis and most people on Earth have never gone through something like this before. Overall, it's been so eye opening and really makes you think about what is considered essential in both your work and personal lives.

How can people continue to support you and your business?

The best way to support me at this time is honestly just to follow my social media page on Instagram and share with friends! You never know the power of a share.


You can also visit the Branded by KP website by clicking here!

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