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How to Support Local - Aesthetics by Peyton Edition

If you've ever had the pleasure of meeting Peyton of Aesthetics by Peyton, you'll already know that she is the sweetest soul that is dedicated to helping people feel their best on the outside AND the inside.

She's got a spirit about her that just shines and you simply will not leave her studio without feeling your best! Here is what Aesthetics by Peyton says about the current:

Tell us about your business and why you decided to open.

Starting a business in Esthetics isn’t always easy, but it’s so rewarding! Seeing someone come in with a heavy heart and leaving feeling light is where it’s at. Beauty therapy! A career where I could be in charge of the energy in my space was always my number one priority. Opening up shop was a super easy decision when you know that it’s going to be a comfortable, judgement free zone for all. Who wouldn’t enjoy being pampered while feeling like you’re in caring and capable hands?  What business was like before COVID-19? Before COVID-19 my goal was all about in-salon personalism and keeping up with trends. Social media marketing and booking with brides for their wedding parties for summer/fall 2020 is always at the top of the priority list. 

What has business been like since the outbreak of COVID-19? Since the outbreak of COVID-19 I, along with millions of others, feel like we’re at a stand still. Trying to keep everyone updated as to when non-essential (essential to a lot of us) businesses will be back up and running has been a big part of how I keep busy. Along with keeping things light and positive online, trying to stay personable can be tricky through text and as we know Esthetics is all about a personal touch. 

How will this impact your business long term? How will this impact Aesthetics by Peyton long term? This is uncertain. We are all in uncharted territory. What I am certain about today and what I will be certain about tomorrow is that I am always here as a friend and beauty therapist for new and existing guests. My love for all things beauty is certainly long term. I’ll be sure to continue to practice professional hygiene always with the health of my guests #1 on my list! How can people help? The way people can help support Aesthetics by Peyton is by being present. In life (self love-self care) and on social media, liking and sharing posts and continuing to share helpful information. I personally love when friends share mood boards, vibes they’d like to express, ask questions about skin care and makeup - I’m always up for a chat and love to do online consultations for  ersonalized skin care routines.

P. A.

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