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Contemplation and Motivation

It’s funny how some days you can be so full of inspirations, imagination and creativity and motivation. So many ideas flowing through you like electricity! So many new and exciting things you want to learn and be a part of!

I, personally, have so many of these inspirations. Sewing, writing, singing, photography and honestly so many more things I want to spend my time doing…. but I don’t. I get lost. I don’t know what, when, or where I want to start. I almost feel bad for choosing one over the other like somehow these activities have feelings… haha WHAT!?  I’ve said before how my zodiac sign is incredibly accurate, and this is no different. Gemini’s are notoriously indecisive.

You might think, “Um, just make a decision, it’s not that hard!”, but what you don’t understand is that it is so hard for me! Everything plays a role in make a decision. For example, the weather – is it warm or cold and is the activity indoor or outdoor. Will my other half be home – what if he has plans for us? How has my day been up to this point – sometimes I am easily discouraged at the amount of practise it will take to get in the groove of the chosen activity, and if my day has been a shit show (pardon my french) up to that point, I likely won’t want to do something that takes a lot of energy. But who doesn’t feel like that, really?

I can’t even begin to think of how frustrated my friends and family can get with me.

All of this being said I want things to change. I love being creative and inspired. It sparks a fire in me and when that happens I know there is no other time I feel more connected. I feel vibrant and happy, like anything is possible – I don’t know about you but that is the best feeling possible. Even more so because you are creating that feeling yourself, you’re not leaving it up to anyone else to make you feel that way.

It’s important to spend the time doing the things you like and want to do. It’s a part of YOU! 

Let’s make a deal right now:

Don’t get discouraged and do things you want without hesitation! Just do it! The first thing you think of! Go head first! You’ve got this!

If you have any stories or suggestions on times that you’ve overcome being indecisive over something you wanted to learn or create share them in the comments box – remember that your story can inspire and help others!

Ps. The song I attached to this post in called Bloom by The Paper Kites, and I love it. It always sends those inspirational vibes through my body! Check it out!

Stay Lovely My Friends ❤

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