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52 Pick Up

Do you ever feel like you are in a massive game of 52 Pick Up? Like you have so many things to do and you just can’t for the life of you figure out where to start?

When you’re planning a wedding, a buck and doe, moving and trying to excel in your career…. shit gets a lil’ cray!

On a daily basis, I have about 10,000 things that run through my head that I need to do. I’m pretty sure I qualify for Tourettes, since a classic “shit!” chirps out of my mouth each time I remember something I’ve already forgotten numerous times. I feel like the dog in the movie Up every time he sees a squirrel, but for me its chair rentals and calling the internet company.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll always find things to do that aren’t on the top of your To Do list. It could be anything from cleaning your basement, researching useless information like which is the best email provider…. to doing nothing at all.

Even right now, I really should be addressing my save the dates, but somehow I find myself laying in bed at 8:30pm writing in my blog that I haven’t written on in ages, secretly shitting my pants hoping I’m not too behind schedule wedding planning, let alone the other 9,999 things I need to do.

Overall, I have to say my stress level is pretty low for a slacking worry wart with ADD tendencies, so thats a success!

I guess the only thing to do is let the cards fall where they may and thank baby Jesus for all the amazing people in my life who watch me fall, point and laugh…then pick me up of the floor!

Happy Day, People!


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