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52 Pick Up

Do you ever feel like you are in a massive game of 52 Pick Up? Like you have so many things to do and you just can’t for the life of you figure out where to start? When you’re planning a wedding, a buck and doe, moving and trying to excel in your career…. shit gets a lil’ cray! On a daily basis, I have about 10,000 things that run through my head that I need to do. I’m pretty sure I qualify for Tourettes, since a classic “shit!” chirps out of my mouth each time I remember som

Word Vomit

They say you are only dealt what you can handle…. Sometimes that statement is hard to believe…. Life is full of challenges. Life is full of learning. Life is full of mistakes. Life is full of heartbreak. Sometimes it’s hard to see the good in things. Things can feel so difficult, you simply will not make it through, the dark may consume you and the light will not prevail. We’ve all had those hands dealt, even from the time we were wee babes. The first time we were separated f


There are a million and one reasons to have New Years resolutions… and a million and one reasons to break them. Why is it that everyone believes New Years is the perfect time to have resolutions? I set goals for myself all the time. I don’t think resolutions should be associated with only one time a year. Lets set goals for ourselves every day! Every week! With every pique of interest we should set a goal for ourselves to educate and practice new things. Yes, it can be so muc

Contemplation and Motivation

It’s funny how some days you can be so full of inspirations, imagination and creativity and motivation. So many ideas flowing through you like electricity! So many new and exciting things you want to learn and be a part of! I, personally, have so many of these inspirations. Sewing, writing, singing, photography and honestly so many more things I want to spend my time doing…. but I don’t. I get lost. I don’t know what, when, or where I want to start. I almost feel bad for choo

The Morning Is My Sanctuary

The morning is my sanctuary. It’s when I feel the most peaceful. When the birds chirp and sun is young in the sky. Right now I sit in my living room sipping my french vanilla flavoured coffee, last nights bun slightly still intact and hanging on the right side of my head where it somehow always finds itself. These mornings, which haven’t come around very much lately (likely due to the energetic pup we’ve just adopted), these mornings, are the key to softening my soul. The mor

MY Time is Precious

Good morning beautiful people, and how was your sleep? The last week or so I have been waking up feeling exhausted and with barely enough energy to get myself out of bed. I have been dreaming so much ( most of which I can’t remember ), I have no idea why my brain won’t shut off. All I can think of is that I haven’t had a day to myself and that work is really stressing me out. I have been trying to take steps to rid myself of a stressful work life – aka finding a new career pa

The Struggle

Have you ever wanted to be in two places at once? Or constantly daydream about fields of green, tall mountains and the ocean waves all within the same view? I do all the time. I dream of a place where there is nothing but zen and beauty. About a week and a half ago one of my best friends took off for an adventure in Bali. Her goal was to find within herself peace, love for herself and a view of life she’s never had before. Everyday I read her blog posts about her experiences


Does it have something to do with my being a Gemini? Possibly. When researching Gemini traits I came along this little blurb which couldn’t be more true: “Gemini-born are constantly in two minds whenever they are supposed to decide on something. At times, they lose out on very lucrative opportunities in their life due to their inability to decide.” It’s unfortunate knowing that I have likely passed up good opportunities being of my indecisiveness. I’ve always known myself to

The Power of Us

It’s so strange to think how much power one person can have. Not just in the political sense that we have government and a Prime Minister, or President; but in the sense that one persons emotions, words, body language and so many other things can hold power over another. We’ve all been there. That wee classmate you walked right up to and asked to marry you, but ,to your disappointment, ran the other way and yelled “Ew, cooties”! That was the first time you ever felt heartbrea


This evening I went to visit a friend who has been one of my very best for years. We’ve shared laughter, tears, the good times, the bad and through it all have managed to keep our friendship intact. A friendship lasting this long is only the truest of friendships! As I sat with her she started to explain how unhappy she is with her workplace as there are many, MANY unethical things happening there. She told me she’s unsure on how to further approach the situation. I could go

Good Morning, World!

Today is Monday May 11, 2015. I lay here in my big, cozy bed with my big, fluffy kitty sitting in the window above my head catching a couple of morning rays and watching the birds fly by. How simple his life is! Human lives, needless to say, are much more complicated. While I lay here I have a million and one thoughts running through my head. Brooding over my career, I can’t help but to feel that the once very fulfilling job has now lost its lustre and leaves my mind wanderin

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